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Tree Removal & Stump Grinding in Acton, Massachusetts

Let the experts at Copp Tree Company in Acton, Massachusetts, remove hazardous trees and unsightly stumps with tree removal and stump grinding services.

Tree Removal

At our tree company, we specialize in hazardous tree removal, especially trees that are rotted, hanging over roofs, touching wires, or in other precarious positions. We remove trees of any size and guarantee your satisfaction on every job.

For the removal process, we have expert climbers and a full-service bucket truck that is primarily used for tree removal and pruning.

Tree Service, Tree Removal in Acton, MA

Lot Clearing & Stump Grinding

In addition to tree removal, we also provide lot clearing for small lots, allowing you more sunshine on your property or more room to build additions onto your home. Lot clearing includes removal of all trees and stumps in a specific area or on the entire lot. We use a tractor with a backhoe to assist in grading for drainage.

For stump grinding, we have a self-propelled machine that goes up to a foot below soil level to remove the entire stump. This machine is also gentle on your lawn. Once the stump is removed entirely, you can add loam, sod, and grass seed. 

To request an estimate for tree removal, lot clearing, or stump grinding, contact us in Acton, Massachusetts.