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Pruning Services & Disease Control in Acton, Massachusetts

Ensure that your trees and shrubs grow healthy with pruning and disease control services from Copp Tree Company in Acton, Massachusetts.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning and reshaping are necessary for healthy growth on your trees or shrubs, and it encourages less hazardous growth patterns over time. Some shrubs, such as rhododendrons, will become enormous without pruning. Our tree company specializes in pruning trees and shrubs.

Let us prune hazardous branches that are hanging over houses, fruit trees to maximize fruit production, and ornamental trees and shrubs to maximize their beauty.

Pruning, Pruning Services in Acton, MA

We specialize in ornamental pruning for Japanese maples, ornamental cherries, pear trees, and more. For pruning services, we often use hand tools to encourage appropriate growth.

Organic Disease Control Program

Keep your trees and shrubs looking green and beautiful with our organic disease control program. We treat all types of trees and shrubs, specializing in evergreen borer control. All materials are organic in our combination program, which consists of a spray and soil enhancements.

The program we use depends on the particular problem you have. Sometimes the disease and insects are at soil level, and other times they are affecting trees. We recommend having trees checked yearly for any such issues. We are happy to come to your location to assess the problem and offer a free estimate. 

For pruning or disease control services, contact us in Acton, Massachusetts, to request an estimate.